Top 20 Inspirational Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Success

Yogesh Chabria is one of India’s well-known motivational speakers, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of Happionaire. His bestselling programs are on Sales Mastery, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Team Building and Happiness Mastery. Here we listed Top 20 Inspirational Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Success.

Yogesh Chabria Quotes

Let’s check his inspirational quotes.

Yogesh Chabria Quotes

1:) “People with knowledge always rule over the ones without.” – Yogesh Chabria

2:) “Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Make it have the right thoughts and life changes.” – Yogesh Chabria


4:) “Go ahead and do something special for someone you love! Give them a small flower or a card. Surprise them and make them smile.” – Yogesh Chabria

5:) “Your happiness is defined by how fulfilled you feel from within.” – Yogesh Chabria

Inspirational Yogesh Chabria Quotes

6:) “Who do you surround yourself with – winners or losers? Your life’s direction is defined by that one choice you make!” – Yogesh Chabria

7:) “Money doesn’t make you happy – but it doesn’t make you sad either! It’s you who makes that decision!” – Yogesh Chabria

8:) “It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a deer. You have to run faster than everyone else to live!” – Yogesh Chabria

9:) “Leaders don’t force others to do things, they inspire people to do things with passion, persuasion, and determination!” – Yogesh Chabria

10:) “What is it that you want most? Start giving it to the world and you will get more of it!” – Yogesh Chabria

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Yogesh Chabria Motivational Quotes

11:) “Just when you are about to give up, tell yourself ‘Once More!’ And don’t give up till you succeed” – Yogesh Chabria

12:) “No goal is the too big to achieve it you can see it, feel it and touch it in your heart and mind” – Yogesh Chabria

13:) “Being rich in every possible way is our birthright! Nobody should stop you from it!” – Yogesh Chabria

14:) “A smile from the heart is a true sign of success. How many times did you smile from the heart today?” – Yogesh Chabria

15:) “The best way to attract love is to give more of it!” – Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria Quotes on Success

16:) “Act with courage and the entire universe is yours” – Yogesh Chabria

17:) “Be Bold. Be Fearless. Take Action. And your success is Certain.” – Yogesh Chabria

18:) “The difference between success and failure many times is only one thing – passion!” – Yogesh Chabria

19:) “Do you have great ideas? And yet they are not becoming real? The only thing stopping them from becoming real is you not taking Action now!” – Yogesh Chabria

20:) “Open-minded people invent their future. The closed-minded ones get left behind. Which side are you going to be on” – Yogesh Chabria

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