What Are The Most Excellent Questions To Ask A Psychic?

Indeed, you are generally anxious and in doubt. This explains why you don’t know what the right question to ask is. But, it would help if you recognized that it is not to the seer that you ask the question but to the Tarot since the seer serves only as an intermediary.

What Does It Mean To Be A Psychic, Exactly?

A medium can consciously connect to the spirit dimension. We are the bridge between humans and the spirit division.

Do You Detect Dead Bodies And Talk To Them?

Yes. But I feel them. Above all, it’s psychic. They provide me reports and talk to me, but it’s not vocal. It’s like I’ve known them forever, even though I’ve never met them in their lifetime. This is what we call, in our field, “inner knowledge.”

How Did You Find Out About Your Donation?

I was operating as a tarot card reader, and in the middle of a session with a regular client, I heard a voice inside me telling me to stop and focus. Looking up, I noticed a woman sitting next to me, dressed in black, with a baby in her arms. Instinctively, I knew it was the mother of the client I was with. I wondered how it was possible to receive so much information about this woman and how she could communicate it to me without using one of the five senses.

It was there that I realized that I could sense the other dimensions. Then I studied this area in depth: I even moved to England to study at Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism. At first, it was a shock to me, but today I know that intuition is a much more natural part of the human condition than characters think.

Have You Ever Dropped In Love With A Spirit?

No, thank goodness! But I know it can happen, and I hope it doesn’t happen to me. It must be a very delicate situation. However, the woman I spoke of, the one who helped me discover that I could be a medium, came back to visit me a few years later when I was studying in England. She informed me that she had ever been with me and that I could count on her. I think she likes me because I’m the person her daughter came to see me read the tarot cards to her. I like her a lot too, even though I never saw her when she was alive.

Have You Ever Spoken To A Deceased Celebrity?

My only experience with a celebrity in the other dimension was studying at Arthur Findlay College. We were learning the technique of letting a mind use its body as a vehicle and mediate it so that it could communicate, and I got to do that. Once the spirit was in me, my soul broke away from my body. I just had time to hear the first sentence: “There is a force in electromagnetism that humans call love. When the spirit left my body, my teacher told me it was Albert Einstein’s spirit and that he had used my body to communicate for seven to ten uninterrupted minutes.

How To Formulate A Question?

Take the case where you ask the following question in Tarot: “am I going to meet someone?” “ And if you draw the Hermit card in the game, no doubt you will conclude that you are going to be left alone and that there is no chance that you will meet. Which means the answer you get is no. Moreover, you have no explanation.

However, what to ask a psychic reader? “What must I do to have a fulfilling emotional life, as I wish?”. “ Even if you pull Hermit out of the game, you’re going to have a different take on it. You will benefit from advice to find the person you dream of meeting.

Thus, you will lead a reflection on yourself, which allows clairvoyance by telephone to guide you in your decisions better.

What Questions To Ask A Clairvoyant?

Therefore, before you dial the psychic’s phone number, you should think carefully about the questions you will ask clairvoyantly. Especially since it is a prophecy, questions are free for 3 minutes offered! It is, consequently, in your matter to take the questions you are going to ask. In this case, you must first select the themes you are going to discuss. Here are some pieces with sample questions to help you.

Sentimental theme

Most consultations with a psychic focus on the theme of love. In some cases, it’s about meeting the perfect person. In other cases, you want to consolidate your relationship, which is having problems, etc.

Here are the questions to ask depending on your case:

  • How do I know if this person is my better half?
  • How do I create a connection with my partner?
  • What are the points that are holding back the progress of our relationship?
  • What can we do to make our relationship last?

Professional theme

These days, professional instability is everyone’s concern. Therefore, it is customary to consult a psychic to clarify your professional situation, consider a promotion, etc.

Here are the questions you can ask:

  • Am I going to get a promotion?
  • How can I boost my career?
  • Do my colleagues like me?
  • How do I make my business successful?

Financial theme and material goods

Money difficulties are whole of the leading causes for consulting a psychic. The latter can indeed give answers to your evolution in the financial field. You can also consult it before purchasing a car, accommodation, boat, etc.

Here are the questions you can ask:

  • Is my home purchase or construction project viable?
  • Will my financial situation improve?
  • How do I get out of my current economic difficulties?

The list of questions to ask in the Tarot depends on your situation. However, always orient your questions to avoid negative answers and obtain positive answers and advice.