Why Do You Complete the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam?

Why Do You Complete the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam? A Glimpse of the Abilities Polished by this Certbolt Certification

As a Cloud Architect, no sooner will you be confronted by the looming questions of your profession. Many of these will center on certifications. Is it worth getting one? What organization is a definite go-to for a test? Well, Google is a sufficient answer to all your queries. It puts on the market a Google Professional Cloud Architect certbolt exam for growth-driven individuals. What reason should you have for going after this then?

Why a Google Professional Cloud Architect test matters

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re asked about Google accreditations? Is it authenticity? Is it innovativeness? If any of your answers are these, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Any of Google’s inceptions speaks clearly as authentic, innovative, and what more—professionally advantageous. Completing it is a milestone that enables you to make capital out of Google Cloud Technologies. Besides, the average salary of a Cloud Architect is a whopping $128,418 according to PayScale website.!

Skills particularly fostered by the Google exam

In essence, candidates who pursue this credential must exercise expertise in Google technology, software development methodologies, cloud architecture, and solution design. As for the in-betweens, let’s pinpoint them one after another, in no particular order.

1: Examining and improving processes—both technical and business

The steps laid out for your training will allow you to know certain processes inside out. You’ll have the opportunity to inquire more into the technical side such as disaster recovery and software development life cycle plan (SDLC). Plus, you’ll be able to fully scrutinize business processes like decision-making and cost optimization. For more visit https://www.certbolt.com    

2: Drafting for security and compliance

Carrying out security controls, identity and access management (IAM), separation of duties (SoD) also becomes easier. Besides, you’ll navigate through audits, legislation, commercial, and industry certifications like a pro.

3: Plotting and executing a cloud solution architecture 

Part of the certbolt responsibilities you’ll meet as a candidate is building a plan. Throughout the time you’ll spend on this area, you’ll begin to efficiently play around network planning, dependency management planning, and the like. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to bring into existence a solution infrastructure that hits upon both technical and business needs.

4: Securing solution and operations reliability

You can’t ace the real assessment without gaining on-point awareness on how to evaluate quality control measures. Tasks such as deploying, assisting with solutions, monitoring will be instilled in your mind as long as you continue learning. For more visit https://www.exam-labs.com   

5: Regulating implementation

Another great aspect of studying for this certbolt test is mastering how to adroitly interact with Google Cloud through GCP SDK. You’ll also strengthen your flair in guaranteeing the enforcement of a solution with development/operation teams.

6: Directing and planning a solution Infrastructure

Finally, you can grab this chance to ripen your prowess in configuration. You’ll be able to touch on computer systems, certbolt network topologies, and individual storage systems more skillfully. 


As Frederick Douglass’ timeless saying goes, “A man is worked upon by what he works on.” The skills you will cultivate along the process are a mighty reason to keep your hands busy. By the time your journey nears its completion, you’ll stand commendable as the recipient of the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification. So, why wait? Opt for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certbolt exam now.