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Cute Status for WhatsApp

1:) Can I check your pockets I think you stole my heart!

2:) To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

3:) You are my paradise, and I would like to spend the rest of my life there with you.

4:) Loving you is like breathing, how I can stop?

5:) Because of you, half the time I don’t even know that I’m smiling.

6:) You can’t measure the feeling of love.

7:) When you genuinely care for someone, their mistakes don’t change your attitude. The mind gets angry, but the heart still cares.

8:) I will marry the girl who looks as pretty as in her Aadhaar card.

9:) Never regret your choices because even bad experiences teach you a lot.

10:) Don’t marry someone you can live with, marry the person who you cannot live without.

11:) Words cannot measure the deep feelings I have for you.

12:) Distance doesn’t matter in true love.

13:) It’s not that I’m afraid of telling you how I feel about you, I’m so scared of how you will react.

14:) Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it.

Cute Status for boys

15:) Only if you knew how much I like you. But you are a player. My heart says, yes! But my brain says ‘NO.’

16:) Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend, and true love. But you’re fortunate if they’re all the same person.

17:) Let me love you if not for the rest of your life then for the rest of mine.

18:) Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

19:) I am not famous in this world, but I am famous in someone’s heart. That’s all that matters to me.

20:) Never trust your heart because it’s on the right side.

21:) If you are in love, you can’t get in the comfort zone.

22:) Efficiency of love = (faith × time) / money

23:) When two people share their sorrows, all they get back is satisfaction and happiness.

24:) Where there is love, there is a joyful life.

25:) It’s quite strange How lovers turn into life partners.

26:) Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

27:) Every love story is beautiful, but our story is my favorite.

28:) Sometimes, you need to maintain a distance to keep them close to you.

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Cute Status for girls

29:) I couldn’t ask for anything more to god because god already gave me you.

30:) God is the best listener because He can listen to your silent and sincere prayers.

31:) I love you the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.

32:) If your heart were a prison, I would like to make my home there.

33:) My heart will never grow old because it has full of your love.

34:) A Girl looks Most Beautiful when tears are welling up in her eyes, and Yet She Smiles Back at You.

35:) That’s so sweet when couples act like best friends, and best friends act like couples.

36:) Love is just love; it can never be explained.

37:) Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that’s not true, every time i hear your voice I fall in love all over again.

38:) Your presence makes my heart smile.

39:) Love is like wildflowers; it’s often found in the most unlikely places.

40:) You’re the angel that gives me wings to fly high.

41:) I am not a warrior, but with you, I can battle the toughest challenges in my life.

42:) To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

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Cute Status about life

43:) The most significant thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

44:) I can feel you in all your old SMS and emails. How magical is it?

45:) Time can never change my feelings for you.

46:) Oh, you little girl, you stole my heart. To make it even, I will take a kiss.

47:) You are the most beautiful dream that I’ve ever had.

48:) Sometimes, you make it impossible to breathe.

49:) Love is the only game where two-player with together.

50:) Distance and time don’t matter anymore when you are in my heart.

51:) You are forever in my heart, no matter the distance or the time we are apart.

52:) I look at see you looking at me. I blush and look away awkwardly.

53:) Love means two minds without a single thought.

54:) I wish that I could put my status to what I am thinking.

55:) Whenever I get a text from you, I break out into smiles.

56:) The best thing in life is finding someone who known all your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses and still something you’re completely amazing.

57:) When I look into your eyes, I see a beautiful soul for me.

58:) A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

59:) My heart always will be yours.

60:) Everybody needs someone in life to hold on to. Glad that I have you.

61:) When you can’t change things in your life, move on.

62:) Take life, one cup at a time!

63:) Heaven is a place on Earth when you’re around.

64:) It’s amazing how crazy I feel when my phone vibrates, and I’m begging it to be you.

65:) People say home is where your heart is, so my house is where you are.

66:) Maybe, just a little. I could be. Falling for you.

67:) Life becomes romantic when eyes start looking at someone silently. But life becomes more romantic when someone starts reading those eyes quietly.

68:) If I got a penny for every time I thought and dreamed about you, I would be rich.

69:) When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

70:) The happiest I’ve ever felt was that moment I discovered you loved me too.

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Cute WhatsApp Status about love

71:) Forgiveness is the Sweetest Revenge.

72:) As long as I have memories in my heart, I will always have a smile on my face.

73:) It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is excellent, as long as they are perfect for each other.

74:) You’re the sunshine and the rainbow when troubles pour on me.

75:) Once in a while, night in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

76:) I’ll be yours forever, tell me when to start.

77:) But only one person is enough for a beautiful life.

78:) Someone has stolen my heart, and you are the highest on my list of suspects.

79:) Always stay positive, and you will see beautiful things happening in your life.

80:) Love is gambling, not with money but with your heart. You can always get money back, but you might not get your heart again.

81:) I just had a lovely accident; I just fell in love with you.

82:) Calling me cute is nice, calling me hot is great, but calling me yours is all I want.

83:) Relationships are like drugs. They either kill you or give you the best feeling of your life.

84:) You are the angel that gives me the wings to fly high in the cloud.

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Cute Status about friends

85:) I’m not going to share you with anyone.

86:) No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes, I’ll light the Night with Stars Hear my Whispers in the dark.

87:) My heart is perfect because? You are mine.

88:) I wish that I could put my status to what I am thinking. I could put my status to what I am thinking.

89:) I never really think of the future because I already have you by my side.

90:) If she Texts you Good morning every morning. It means she is thinking of you as soon as she wakes.

91:) I want to tell you how I feel, but I don’t want to wreck the friendship we already have.

92:) What a day! Nothing happened, and I am tired?

93:) Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.

94:) To make you smile for no reason is the only reason to make you happy.

95:) I know they say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I think you’re my Nemo.

96:) The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much.

97:) Life is a party, but without you, there is no reason to celebrate.

98:) Family is an essential thing in the world who can help us choose the right path.

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Cute WhatsApp Status about myself

99:) I am sweet, but honey is you. The flower is me, but the fragrance is you. Happy I am, but the reason is you.

100:) And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.

101:) Silent people have an enormous heart. Love is in my Heart.

102:) All of God’s creations, his best creative work was you.

103:) I am not famous as a celebrity, but I give a damn about it as I am glad you know me.

104:) When it rains, it pours, but soon, the sun shines again. Stay positive. Better days are on their way.

105:) Make someone smile for no reason. That’s it.

106:) Love isn’t complicated, people are.

107:) I am happy with my life. Me, My books & My Dreams.

108:) All I want is for you to tell me your fighting for me till my heart stops beating

109:) I’m with you reading this, looking at your eyes and your lips, Touching your lips softly with my fingertips. Making love to you in every kiss.

110:) I am always there by your side when you make mistakes because I know you’re trying.

111:) My heart is like a clock, and your voice is my beat.

112:) People will love you more for what you are than being a copy of someone else.

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Cute Status about boyfriend

113:) I don’t want a relation where people say they look so cute together. I need a relationship where people say, Look how happy they are together.

114:) You’re the promise of God to me that my future is in good hands.

115:) When the angels ask what I most loved about life, I’ll tell you.

116:) Be what you want to be, not what others want to see.

117:) FREE ADVICE: try not to fall for someone who isn’t willing to catch you.

118:) Falling in love with you is the second-best thing in the world. Finding you is the first.

119:) Be aware of touching me. You may be a victim of Love.

120:) Why in every love story mom agrees and dad disagree? Because mom knows what love is, and dad knows what boys are.

121:) Always believe in small things that matter that can make significant differences.

122:) I want a cute, long relationship where everyone is like damn they’re still together?

123:) I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks.

124:) Tonight I can write the saddest line of my life she loved me.

125:) Forget what hurt you but never forget who hurt you.

126:) You’re the best thing that happened to me, and I mean it.

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Cute Status about girlfriend

127:) My love for you is like a journey without ending.

128:) Never allow loneliness to drive you back.

129:) Your smile is the key to my heart.

130:) If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

131:) You know that feeling when your head says no, but your heart says yes? It’s wrong, but it feels so right? I wish we could be together.

132:) Sometimes you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life.

133:) You are the inspiration behind all that I do, and the source of all that is good in my life.

134:) I don’t understand how my room gets so messy when I sit in one place with my phone all day.

135:) I wish I could see you. Right now, at this very second. I want to be with you.

136:) Falling in love is only half of what I wish to; staying in love with you for till forever is the other.

137:) People who hide their feelings usually care the most.

138:) I never think about the future because I already have you with me.

139:) The only time #success comes before work is in the dictionary.

140:) I build myself up when I’m alone, but when the moment comes, and you look at me with those eyes, I can’t remember what I’m doing.

Cute WhatsApp Status about a smile

141:) You can make someone angry, but it takes love to make that same person smile after being mad at you.

142:) Beauty is like sun, looks much better when covered with the clouds of dignity.

143:) Some love one, some love two. I love one – that is you.

144:) Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so near to Monday?

145:) Love is sweet when it’s New. But it is sweeter when it’s true.

146:) The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.

147:) To admire the real beauty you don’t need eyes, you need a good heart.

148:) You are my first and last thought of every day and everyone in between.

149:) You’re the turning point in my life.

150:) Forget about what everyone else thinks and says. If it makes you happy, go for it.

151:) When you start counting your blessings, life becomes more manageable.

152:) People asked me if I missed you; I smiled and replied, do you breathe?’

153:) It must have been a rainy day when you were born, but it wasn’t rain, the sky was crying because it lost its most beautiful angel.

154:) Coins always make a sound, but the currency notes are still silent. That’s why I’m still calm & quiet.

Cute quotes about friendship

155:) When you genuinely care about someone, you don’t care about their flaws.

156:) Your smile is more beautiful than stars.

157:) I maybe thousands of miles away, but you’re still the first thing on my mind.

158:) If my love for you is a crime, I want to be the most wanted criminal.

159:) I’m so glad you are in my life, but I want to be more than friends

160:) Nothing is beautiful, but when I’m with you, everything is fine.

161:) I promise you no one will ever love you as I do

162:) Always be happy that when others look at you, they also become happy too

163:) Love is the only thing that can happen at first sight.

164:) I am not angry I am hurt.

165:) I can stop my heartbeat, but I’m unable to stop thinking about you.

166:) You can’t rush something that you want to last forever.

167:) I think our love can do anything we want it to.

168:) You’re like math. You only add zest, subtract hate, and multiply my hope.

Cute Quotes for WhatsApp 2021

169:) Whenever I search for love, I end up finding you.

170:) I just saved a lot of money by LIC life insurance. By not having any.

171:) Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

172:) All I want is to sleep and wake up next to you.

173:) Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

174:) One person, different masks, different accounts, various posts, same feelings, same meanings, broken heart.

175:) One day, you will say sorry, but it will be too late.

176:) In the middle of life, love enters and makes it a fairy tale.

177:) I cannot wait for the day when somebody tells me I am the best thing that ever happened to them. & they mean it.

178:) Distance and time do not matter when you are in my heart.

179:) Everything is okay in Love, War, & FIFA.

180:) Crushes are more beautiful than affairs because there is no responsibility, no worry, and no commitment. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot.

181:) Love is magical, and it gives you the strength to head and transform your paint.

182:) I smile like an idiot when I’m talking to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s in person or through text or anything else. I smile because it’s you.

Cute Facebook post Status

183:) If you want to love a person, first, you should learn to FORGIVE their mistakes.

184:) You’re the most relaxed person in my life, so when you’re around, I make lemonade out of lemons in my life.

185:) Behind this big smile, there is an empty soul that has no expectations.

186:) Family over friends, because real friends are family.

187:) Believe in small things that matter, and that can make significant differences.

188:) Am going to make my status. Better you to focus on your situation only.

189:) Love is like a rubber band. You need to hold it from both sides by two people. When one leaves, it hurts.

190:) You haven’t lost your smile at all, it’s right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.

191:) I am single because god is busy finding the best GF for me.

192:) I miss that cute and naughty smile that you used to give me.

193:) Somethings have to remain a secret, but you and I don’t

194:) Your love and friendship is the most valuable gift for me.

195:) The first time I saw you, my heart whispered: that’s the one.

196:) Nothing lasts forever applicable on love too.

Cute WhatsApp Status to impress a girl

197:) When I Miss you. I read your old messages.

198:) Breakup in a relationship is wake up in life.

199:) I’m not drunk, I’m in love.

200:) The moment I fell in love with you, I realized the gravity of your love.

201:) From the first day, you had me – I was yours.

202:) We are so identical. Like two volumes of one book.

203:) Sometimes you never realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

204:) The first thing I imagined when I saw the word ‘love’ is you.

205:) Every friendship doesn’t change into love, but every love begins with an attachment.

206:) A person who loves you truly will never let you go whatever the situation is.

207:) Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.

208:) You are just a memory of my passion.

209:) Someone asked me how life is? I just smiled replied, she’s beautiful.

210:) The last person you think about before you fall asleep is the one who truly owns your heart.

Cute breakup WhatsApp Status

211:) Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

212:) Always wear s smile because your smile is a reason for many others to smile. Smile, please.

213:) A life without love is like a year without summer.

214:) I need you like a body needs blood.

215:) The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.

216:) Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.

217:) No storm can wreck the ship of my life because you’re my anchor.

218:) Love is blind, and therefore I don’t need eyes to see your beauty.

219:) I want to ask you out, but I can’t find the right words. And my confidence level is low.

220:) True Feelings never fades, even when time changes or circumstances and if they disappear, then it means, it was fake

221:) A true man does not need to romance a different girl every night, a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life.

222:) Sometimes, following your heart means breaking someone else’s.

223:) You cannot buy Love, but still, you need to pay for it.

224:) Love is like a baby; it needs to be treated gently.

WhatsApp Cute Attitude Status

225:) Some love one, some love two. I love one, and that is you.

226:) You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.

227:) Why did I smile even though I’m distraught? Oh yea, I saw you

228:) Sometimes, the smallest thing takes up the most room in your heart.

229:) If you love someone, don’t tell them, show them.

230:) Treating a girl like a Princess is the best feeling the girl could ever feel.

231:) Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take a moment, and make it perfect.

232:) The best way to bind your broken heart together is by talking to your friend and time.

233:) Everything happens for a reason; if not now, you will see the big picture later on in life.

234:) When you care about someone, their happiness matters more than yours.

235:) Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined.

236:) People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.

237:) I want to tell you how I feel, but I don’t want to wreck the friendship we already have <3.

238:) The good thing about listening to a new song is that it doesn’t remind you of anyone.

Cute captions for Instagram 2021

239:) I missed the days when I was TOLD to put my head on my desk.

240:) I’ve found this new disease, it’s called LOVE. I know the infectious cause you gave it to me.

241:) Someone asked me what I saw in you to love you so much. My only answers were. Everything.

242:) If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t get so mad at the things you do.

243:) We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person correctly.

244:) I generally stay busy, but whenever I pause, you’re on my mind.

245:) Love is a gift from God, and I have accepted this gift with open arms. I love you very much and promise never to leave you.

246:) I am a broken crayon. But I can still fill your life with color.

247:) Happiness is falling asleep next to you and waking up thinking I’m still in my dreams.

248:) I fell in love with you, not for how you look, just for who you are.

249:) I hardly notice anyone, because you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.

250:) Yes, I’m selfish because I will never share you with anyone else.

251:) Don’t search for someone you can live with, search for someone you can’t live without.

252:) Real happiness is when you marry a girl for love and find out later she has lots of money.

A Cute relationship Status

253:) If you love someone anything, then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.

254:) It takes two imperfect human beings to create a perfect relationship.

255:) You know you’re in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world.

256:) There is only happiness in life is love.

257:) You are the promise of God to me that my future is in good hands.

258:) It’s quite strange how strangers become lovers and lovers turn into life partners.

259:) Your smile works as a remedy for me.

260:) Don’t look for love. Quietly give it away and let it find you back.

261:) No matter what happens to us, every day spent with you is the best day of my life.

262:) Keep your feet on the ground, when your head’s in the clouds.

263:) Stay positive, and you’ll see beautiful things happening in your life.

264:) Every time you text me, my cheeks hurt! I guess I smile too big.

265:) Any person can say that they love you. Only a few will prove it.

266:) Thinking of you is natural; I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.

Cute romantic Status about a couple

267:) I don’t mind waiting for you, because you’re worth it.

268:) Every day I look at the keyboard, and I always see You and I together.

269:) Distance never separates two hearts that care.

270:) You were my everything you were.

271:) Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.

272:) Every day, when I see your face in the morning, it reminds me that I already have everything.

273:) Seven billion smiles in this world but your smile is my favorite

274:) When I’m sad, don’t look at me – kiss me.

275:) You can’t be real. May I pinch you to see if I’m dreaming?

276:) Since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I used to.

277:) If people suddenly leave me or give up on me without any reason, it’s their loss, not mine.

278:) Not forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

279:) I am more concerned about your happiness because I care about you more.

280:) I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

281:) I feel like a new person when I am with you.

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